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Creating awareness is the first step to achieving wellness

Affinity extends its service to its clients by helping companies implement health and wellness programs for their employees. The end goal or objective of a health and wellness program is to influence positive lifestyle changes among employees that will lead to an improvement in their health, productivity and morale. This will, in the long run, benefit the company in terms of better employee performance and in terms of healthcare cost savings.

However, before any change in lifestyle choices or behavior can be expected from an employee, the first step to implementing a wellness program is to create awareness among employees. Affinity is the only company in the country dedicated to the promotion of health and wellness among Filipinos.

In the last two years, we are proud to say that through our awareness campaigns, advocacies, events and communication programs, Affinity has been instrumental and credited for its trailblazing efforts in promoting the value of important yet neglected issues in health and wellness, such as adult vaccination, quality dental care, healthy lifestyles and, now, in advocating focus on preventive care in the healthcare industry.

For more information and to inquire about our Wellness Events and Programs, please contact us.