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At the Forefront of Institutional Vaccination

Vaccination is a key component of Affinity’s commitment to preventive care.

Affinitas established Affinity in 2008 to develop, formalize, consolidate and pursue its advocacy for health and wellness programs in the country. Among our pioneering effort is the promotion and implementation of mass immunization programs among employee populations against vaccine-preventable diseases.

Affinitas is widely recognized as one of the early proponents of institutional vaccination in the country. As early as 2005, Affinitas was already at the forefront of promoting and conducting vaccination programs among the employees and dependents of its corporate clients. As a leading employee benefits partner and risk management consultant, Affinitas recognized and recommended the immediate and long term potential of immunization programs against vaccine-preventable diseases in helping manage the steadily rising utilization and healthcare costs of its clients.

By creating awareness and enabling employees with access to affordable vaccines, both Affinitas and Affinity believe that successful mass immunization programs will create a healthier workforce that is free from the burden of infectious diseases and, in the long run, contribute to the management of healthcare costs of our clients.