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Third Party Administration (TPA) Reimbursement Service

As a health and wellness company, Affinity has the expertise, infrastructure and experience to provide our clients with Third Party Administration Reimbursement Services that are designed to help companies manage the risk of self-funded healthcare and/or related benefits services.

By outsourcing benefits administration to Affinity, corporate Human Resources will be unloaded of the routine but taxing administrative process of managing and providing healthcare-related services to their employees, while at the same time be provided with the guarantee of accountability, independence and integrity of all transactions.

Affinity Health can help your company manage the following benefits and services under our Third Party Administration (TPA) Program on Reimbursement Basis:

- In Patient Hospitalization
- Out Patient Consultation, Laboratory and Diagnostics
- Full Medical Programs
- Out Patient Medicines
- Vision Care
- Maternity Care
- Dental Care
- Wellness Benefits

For more information and to inquire about our Medical TPA Services, please contact us.