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Affinity Dental

Redefining the Standards of Dental Healthcare

Affinity Dental Network revolutionizes the traditional service delivery model of most networks in the country by investing in its own chain of dental clinics to provide our card members with guaranteed quality dental care services.

The objective of our bold decision to invest millions in establishing Affinity Dental Clinics is to radically change the prevailing and widespread negative perception of corporate card holders with regard to the quality of their dental care benefits.

With Affinity Dental Clinics, our card members are exclusively provided the same first class quality dental care services that our discriminating pool of private foreign and local patients enjoy.

When we established Affinity Dental, we did not spare any expense in ensuring that Affinity Dental will be synonymous to the finest name in dental care in the country. Our best in service, first in class philosophy guides us in every aspect or detail of our operations. Behind the facade of our first class modern Asian fusion interiors and state of the art equipment is our commitment to provide patients and card members with only the best dental care and finest service experience possible.

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