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Our Advocacy, Our Mission

What this ambition requires first and foremost is a revolutionary change in everyone’s way of thinking. A change in the way individuals exercise accountability for their own health and well-being, and a change in the way employers approach health care management.

Today’s employee health care programs focus on treating the disease rather than preventing them, neglecting important aspects of health care, as well as health and wellness advocacy. So we asked, what is being done to change the health care system? In trying to answer this question, we not only found an opportunity; we found our advocacy.

There has been a lot of noise around holistic and integrated health and wellness programs, but they have been scattered, hard to grasp, inaccessible and more importantly, their costs have been prohibitive to the majority of people. In addition, no one has made it their task to professionalize these efforts and devise a system to make such programs affordable.

It is this gap that is preventing health and wellness practices from being ingrained and entrenched into the individual and collective consciousness. And it is this gap that Affinity Health and Wellness aims to fill.

This is a huge and ambitious project and there’s a lot of work to do. Health and wellness as a concept and practice is still in its infancy stage in the Philippines. This is a movement that we hope to begin. The general principles of care for oneself and wellbeing affect you on an individual basis, and effect change on a larger, community scale.

Affinity Health and Wellness aims to be the pioneer in affecting you and effecting change. This is our mission.